Brand Naming & Assets

Your brand is your promise. Your reputation is proof that you’ve delivered on that promise.

Your brand assets are therefore as strategic as they are creative. Your corporate and product names, as well as the value you deliver through your product experience must be goal driven, strategically effective and creatively powerful. They may emphasize your pragmatic or emotional value, or both.  Whatever your business goals, they set your corporate tone, and brand expectations and are therefore critical to success.

A great brand name is worth a million words.  We have created some of the leading brand names we all frequently use, coined technology terms and product portfolios that have changed the way consumers behave and corporate operate.  We don’t publicize these names online because we believe they are our clients’ assets – but we will gladly gloat when we meet.

Whether you have a new concept ready to be packaged and sold, or are embarking on a new strategic direction that demands a new corporate brand, product portfolio or positioning change, we will work with you to ensure that your positioning strategy is optimized through your brand names and assets.

Brand building is our craft, and our fun.